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Pulse Performance Program

Combat Sports Training & Athlete Management

Founded in 2016 by Pulse Playgrounds owner Jonathon Walker, Pulse Performance boasts over 7 years of expertise in strength, conditioning, and combat sports coaching. As a performance nutritionist and the force behind West Brisbane’s top strength and striking gym, Jonathon delivers unparalleled coaching quality.

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Who’s It For?

Pulse Performance specialises in assisting combat sport athletes with their training needs outside the ring. We meticulously plan your strength, conditioning, nutrition, and recovery. Additionally, over the past four years, we’ve expanded to offer strength and conditioning camps for those aspiring to train like fighters.

Our growth in the fitness industry has led us to focus on athlete management and onboard dedicated staff to ensure efficient operations.

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What The Pulse Performance Program Includes

Strength & Conditioning Programming

Experience tailored workouts designed specifically for your goals, ensuring optimal gains and performance enhancement.

Performance Nutrition Meal Planning

Fuel your body right with personalised meal plans, optimising energy, recovery, and overall health.

Injury Rehab & Prevention Planning

Stay resilient with strategies that not only rehabilitate injuries but proactively prevent future setbacks.


Enhance your flexibility and range of motion with targeted exercises, promoting longevity and peak performance.

Metric Tracking & Weekly Checkins

Monitor your progress with detailed metrics and regular feedback, ensuring you’re always on the right track.

Fight Camp & Competition Support

Gain a competitive edge with dedicated support during fight camps, ensuring you’re prepared and at your peak for every competition.

Why is it so effective?

Partnering with us elevates your training to elite athlete standards. With nearly a decade of expertise in prepping athletes for competition, we eliminate the guesswork, ensuring peak performance in your sport.

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Fighters that trust our programming

Corban Harvey

I’m 12 weeks into working with pulse performance and I couldn’t be more grateful. Initially I was hesitant starting a new S&C program as I’ve bad experiences in the past where I didn’t feel like my sport and training requirements were properly understood. Luckily, with pulse performance, I feel like my sport and training demands are fully understood!! My s&c program is personalised around my specific needs and fight dates. Their always available if I have any questions, and always checking in on how my training is as a whole (sports specific, s&c, recovery etc) to ensure I am the best athlete I can be.

James Lowe

Pulse performance reached out to me on social media to be apart of their growing team, I was a bit hesitant at first but after a phone call I knew they were the real deal! I’ve never had a S&C coach or a nutritionist before so I knew this would give me that extra benefit I needed over other fighters. Unfortunately I had to get surgery on my knee which meant being out of training for a while, even with this unfortunate injury happening Pulse Performance stayed with me every step of the way checking in and helping every way possible keeping me strong physically and mentally. Now me and the team are working hard to get myself and my body back to the elite level ready for competition once again! If your a fighter and want that extra edge I cannot recommend the team at pulse performance enough!

Josh Murphy

I’ve been training martial arts all my life, I’ll always be a student of the sport, but unfortunately, I was raised in a time where you trained through injuries, no pain, no gain! In the short time I’ve worked with Jonny at pulse performance, my injuries are becoming tolerable while pushing my body to its limits through my personalised program. I also had my easiest weight cut while still eating foods I enjoy and need. In total, I lost 14kgs in 12 weeks, and after I made weight, I put on a further 8kgs before my fight. This man is changing the game as I know it and will be recommending Jonny to all of my students.